Ürchïn Collectïon is a Mediterranean handbag brand located in Costa Brava, where we design and produce our handbags.

This handbags brand was born with the idea of combining design and craftsmanship, offering a handmade product, with Nordic-inspired touches. We want to offer a feminine and contemporary product that at the same time is timeless because we want a sustainable fashion that lasts over time.
We are inspired by nature, the Mediterranean sea, organic and pure forms and simplicity when it becomes style.
We create slow fashion products. We value quality rather than quantity, so our production is very limited and exclusive.
Our suppliers are close as we choose our industry (Km0).
We use leathers that come from European cows. These cows have been bred for the food industry.
All our leathers are from Igualada, a famous city for its history in the tanning world as well as the quality of its products and finishings.
Our linings are all made of organic cotton and are GOTS certified.