ÜRCHÏN COLLECTÏON products are made from high quality Igualada leathers.

Some products are made with tanned cow leathers and others with suede leather.
The irregularities in the material or difference between them is considered a product characteristic, making it a unique piece.
In order to always keep them brand new it will be necessary to apply a nourishing cream or wax to their surface as well as to their edges regularly. We recommend to use natural bees wax cream or neutral cream as to both hydrate and protect the leather against scratches and humidity. A thin woolen cloth should be used for this application.
We recommend brushing in the direction of the hair and applying a spray that protects from sunlight, water and dirt.

Avoid exposing the product to extreme heat ,humidity and rain.
Friction and direct sunlight may cause discoloration or staining.
Before carrying out this treatment we advise you to try it on a small piece of leather of a not very visible part of the bag and to polish it with a very fine brush or with a woolen cloth. The same treatment can also be used if there are some scratches on the leather surface.
Products containing alcohol or chemicals damage the leather, so it is not recommended to use them at all.
Clear leather articles usually get dark little by little, therefore they should be kept away from the sunny light when they are not used.

Avoid contact with delicate or light-coloured garments when using the bag, as some types of leather may dye.

We recommend keep the bag in its original case when it is not used.